Monday, March 25, 2013


Things looking good for 2013 release.  Here's where we're at:

The movie has long been completed.  An early cut played in some festivals.  Adjustments were made, picture was locked, extra features were created.  Additionally, here is the progress we've made so far this year:

1) We have authored the DVD with the movie and extras.  Yeah, yeah... I know...  DVD is prehistoric but we will probably still release on DVD in addition to VOD download and streaming.  Blu Ray doesn't make sense as the movie was shot Standard Def.  I have watched it play from DVD on a big HD television though and it looks pretty good.  In fact most of it looks quite good, with only a handful of shots looking a little degraded.  We still need to get DVDs made in bulk, but the master is pretty much complete except for artwork.

2) Trailer is almost finished.  When the movie was put on hold, the trailer was left in an unfinished state.  (The trailers on YouTube were not the final ones and neither one was posted by us).  Putting the Avid project in mothballs meant that there was some effort needed to resurrect the trailer cut with all its elements.  Like putting a puzzle together.  The new trailer is looking good and is key to us marketing the movie.

3) Which brings us to marketing and distribution.  Looking to get the marketing elements created, a distribution plan implemented and the movie in release by the end of the year.  The Kickstarter campaign, as someone suggested, is a good idea and we are looking into that as well.  That could get the money needed for the final push, but even if we don't do Kickstarter, we are planning on getting this out.

4) The other Denise Masino movie is nearing completion as well.  We do not plan on sitting on this one for (gulp) seven years.  Will talk more about this later.  Hope to have it completed by end of 2013, meaning a potential release next year.