Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chinese Democracy / Eating My Words

It's been almost a year since it seems I dropped off the face of the planet. We've been working hard to finish the movie and make it as good as we possibly can.

In the meantime, I also got wrapped up in producing and directing for several new TV series on the brand new Fox network MyTVNetwork: "Desire" and "Fashion House" which have already aired, "Watch Over Me" currently on TV Mon-Sat at 9pm, and the upcoming "The Heiress" which debuts in March.

This has kept me very busy. Sounds like an excuse? Yes, but then that's why I'm here to eat my words.

At the same time though, we have proceeded to improve the movie, "Blood + Kisses." And no, it's no "Chinese Democracy" (the long rumored Guns 'n Roses album). This one will really come out. Look for it in the Spring of 2007. The movie itself is complete. The DVD extras are in the works as we speak. And I will be back to blog. It was hard to keep up the blogging when I felt I didn't have any significant updates. But things have been happening. I will try to catch you up the best I can in the coming weeks. And I will have some new pics to post.

I apologize for all the delays. We do want to make this the best movie it can be. Stay tuned for further updates. Happy Holidays All!