Friday, August 12, 2005

Upcoming B+K Events!

We expect to be able to confirm dates in the coming months for Preview Screenings of BLOOD + KISSES. In the meantime, we'd love to see you at the following upcoming events!

Sept 17. North East Open Bodybuilding Competition. Maplewood, NJ. Guest poser Denise Masino does a sexy and awe-inspiring performance routine that is not to be missed! For more info contact Stokely Palmer at 973-762-0828.

Sept 24-25. Fangoria Weekend of Horrors. Secaucus, NJ. Fangoria's show is a treat for all horror fans! Meet director G Simpson, producer Robert Masino and stars Denise Masino and Cassandra Floyd who will be posing for free photos so bring your camera!
For more info go to

Sept 30-Oct 1. 2005 Charlotte Pro. Charlotte, NC. Come meet Denise at the Bulk Nutrition booth!

Oct 14-16. Olympia Weekend. Las Vegas, NV. No Olympia event would be complete without the presence of world class bodybuilder Denise Masino, who placed 2nd at last year's Ms. Olympia.
Stop by the Bulk Nutrition booth and say hello to Denise and B+K star Cassandra Floyd!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hot Tracks Needed!

We are looking for talented up and coming bands to be part of the soundtrack for BLOOD + KISSES!

It’s an eclectic mix needed for this funky and stylish movie. We’re looking for music in the vein of Tricky, Wu Tang Clan, Cee-Lo, Marilyn Manson, Hole, ZZ Top, Fantomas. So it runs the gamut from metal and alternative to hip hop. Other musical styles are also welcome to be considered. For the most part we’re looking for music that is dark and sexy, but in a couple of places we need a lighter touch as well.

We can offer free exposure to the bands in exchange for non-exclusive rights to the songs, as well as giving them prominent screen credits in a very cool, provocative, indie horror film. In addition, they will get a percentage of CD sales should a CD be released.

All interested parties should contact Gregg at

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Octavius to compose "Blood + Kisses" score!

Hot up-and-coming trip hop artist William Marshall AKA Octavius has just joined the team to compose the score to BLOOD + KISSES! His dark, sexy soundscapes -- in the vein of Tricky and RZA -- are the perfect fit for this movie! For more on Octavius check out

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Denise Masino guest posing in NJ, Sept 17

Denise is guest posing on Sept 17 at the N.E. Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships in New Jersey. Contact Stokely Palmer for tickets and information at 973-762-0828.

Monday, August 01, 2005

"Blood + Kisses" goes online!

The BLOOD + KISSES website is now online! Check it out for the provocative new movie trailer, hot gallery photos and free wallpaper downloads!

We will be continuing to add news and pictures as well as updates, so check back often. And don't forget to register!

As for our new blogsite, check back here for dates on personal appearances of the sexy stars of BLOOD + KISSES as well as production updates. This exciting new movie is set to premiere sometime in the Winter of 2005. Stay tuned for more.