Saturday, February 03, 2007

Denise to Compete at Ms. International 2007

The event is the Arnold's Classic, Ms. International and the Arnold's Fitness Weekend and Expo. The dates are Friday, March 2nd - Sunday, March 4th. The location is Columbus, Ohio. The reason is simple: It's the greatest health, sports and fitness competition and expo on earth!

Can't imagine? If you've never been, then you can't imagine. So let's do the numbers. In three days it draws an audience of over 136,000 fans from around the world. They will be entertained and moved by an international lineup of over 1,700 athletes from a list of sports and fitness events that is quickly becoming nearly as impressive as the Olympics. Now you tell me, how could I not feel privileged and pumped about being one of the 16 hand-selected, top-name women in my sport competing at the show?

Those are the words that echo in my consciousness while I work and sweat and train my way into Columbus this year. Meet me in Columbus and watch me and the other ladies on stage as we compete in the Ms. International on Friday, then visit me at the Bulk Nutrition Booth on Saturday and Sunday. In between, we can eat and dance the night away at the Athletes' Banquet on Saturday night! For more information go to

Hope to see you there!
xoxo Denise


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