Saturday, October 01, 2005

Endings + Beginnings

A light at the end of the tunnel...

Post Production draws to a close on Blood + Kisses. Over the next four weeks we will complete the music, sound design, color correction and special effects. Music is in good hands -- courtesy of William Marshall, AKA Octavius -- as are the special effects -- thanks to the amazing James Raitt, who will start on them this weekend. The sound design has been handled to this point by a group including myself, Mia, and William. And that's working for us. But I think it's time to bring in a specialist to bring this baby home. Same for color correction. So far, I've been handling that myself. But we want this to rock visually, so again we'll bring in a hired gun to put it over the top.

That's what the next month will be about.

This morning though, I sat on my balcony, fires blazing to the east (Topanga) and to the west (Burbank) and as the ashes swirled around me in the air, opened my laptop and began writing the script for the Blood + Kisses prequel. That's right. We're making a prequel. All I can tell you so far is it will tell the story of how Denise's character became a vampire. This morning I wrote the first scene. Then I wrote the last scene. Now all I have to do is fill the 100 pages in between.

As I watched the ashes floating in the rays of the early morning sun, I thought, how fucking appropriate. Another movie, rising from the ashes like the Phoenix. There was a time when this movie was written off for dead. Before the reshoots. Before the months of painstaking editing. Before the evocative original music score and layers and layers of sound effects.

We're making this bitch work by sheer force of will. If we stumble and fall, we'll get up, dust ourselves off, and do it again.

Is there any other way?



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