Monday, September 05, 2005

Vegas showtimes announced

We're excited to be able to preview BLOOD + KISSES in the premiere slot of Friday, Sept 9, 830pm. It will be followed by a Q&A session. That will be followed by a party.

It will also screen on Saturday, Sept 10, time to be determined but expected to be about 6ish pm.

I just got word on this today and am excited and just a bit stressed. We're still in the final stages of post-production -- finalizing sound design, sweetening the audio, color correcting the picture and composing the score. We are not going to be able to have the movie 100% polished for the screening as the music for one thing will not be complete, but the movie is still very much screenable and will have a very fine temp score in place.

But we will definitely be coming down to the wire on this, working day and night to get the movie in the best possible shape. It's hard to imagine that we've been working on this beast for 9 months and still can't call it complete. But Denise, Robert and I are not going to call it a day until we have the best movie possible.

Anyway, I hope you can make it to Vegas. Drop me a line if you think you are going to come.



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