Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Denise worked her ass off (with help from Barbara and James) in creating this very cool 8x10 version of the poster, known as a "one-sheet." I think she was ready to choke me by the time I finished sharing my ideas though. Good thing for me she was on the other side of the continent.

We've been trying to strike just the right balance of MYSTERY, SENSUALITY and HORROR all while showcasing Denise's amazing physique as well as her beauty. I think this comes pretty damn close. Robert, who shot the very cool images of Denise that make up the central part of the design, will be shooting yet more marketing stills in Allentown, Pennsylvania later this month. I'm sure we would have gotten more than enough photos during production if Robert wasn't also producing and starring in the movie as well as running B-camera. He was wearing too many hats. We all were.

Anyway, the one-sheet is off to the printer hopefully in time to have them for the festival this weekend. The movie, that's another matter. Mia, Eric, William and I are working furiously to finish the audio sweetening, sound effects and music in time. It will be right down to the wire, no doubt. Okay then. Back to the edit bay. More later.



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