Monday, September 26, 2005

Fango NY - Day 2

The rest of the show.... Mostly about networking and press. We were interviewed by the local news (Channel 9 UPN) and a couple of websites ( and but the big deal was the interview we did for Showtime. They were doing a story on the show and also to promote the new Showtime series "Masters of Horror." What kind of press will we get out of all this? Who knows. I'll keep you posted as things develop.

Meanwhile, Denise fell in love with an ugly-ass stuffed cat that she wouldn't let go of and decided to hold him? her? it? during the Showtime interview. Hopefully they cropped Ugly Kitty out of frame.

Across the way from us was the Shockorama booth manned by Justin, Paige and Trinity. The Shockorama crew does an amazing job of getting their campy, erotic horror movies into all the big stores. We could learn a lot from these guys.

Also at a booth nearby was a young filmmaker named Zeb promoting a new series called "Dead" that he's producing for the new Horror Channel (not to be confused with the competing Fangoria TV horror channel). "Dead" is a TV series about zombies that from the trailer looks to be very cool. Other films that we saw promoted there that looked exciting were the feature "Nightmare" and the short "Gotham Cafe."


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